Microlures - Wee-Hours Custom Tackle - Canada's Finest Custom Tackle Company
Microlures - Wee-Hours Custom Tackle - Canada's Finest Custom Tackle Company
Microlures - Wee-Hours Custom Tackle - Canada's Finest Custom Tackle Company
Microlures - Wee-Hours Custom Tackle - Canada's Finest Custom Tackle Company

The Wee-Blog

Dec 2016 to February 2020

This past few years spending more time doing it media for my business and Angler and Young Angler. I purchased a new trailer to haul prizes for for the aya tournament. The closed van fully equipped for for set up of tents. Demon flies are progressing well. Ron Fibke busy as well working on his hunting and fishing career. Mike Dotoli working on new accounts for the eastern Canada. Bait buttons USA bringing new refills red in color for Big Game Buttons. He is working on getting more accounts for the bass fisherman.

October 2015 to Dec 2016

This year I acquired Cabelas for Bait Buttons. That means the product is coast to coast. Facebook peeps are making more videos on the set up on hooks with bait. Some pretty interesting ideas from the Manitoba fisher people. The Edmonton sportsman Show went well with good sales of demon flies with Laura Powers doing tank demonstration in the "Fishin 'Hole booth. The new website demon flies.com was launched in the summer of 2016. My new fly tier in Edmonton is doing an awesome jog keeping up with demand. This year I brought Corey Nault on board as new pro-staff. He is a long time walleye tournament fisherman. He now works for Westlock Power sports. I stopped by for a visit and the facility is huge. Todd Longley caught walleye live on tv using Demon fly yellow. I am also working with Western Canadian Walleye Trail as part of sponsorship. ><><> ))@> Happy Fish Hunting !

October 2014 to March 2014

The summer rush was better this past year. The Winnipeg pro-staffers were busy doing show and tell of bait buttons. It even made it on the morning show Breakfast Television based in Winnipeg. Todd Longley with his business City Cats on the red river. Cat fishing is huge there and Todd went through lots of "Big Game Bait Buttons". The Fishin'Hole Canada says there has been an increase in sales in there Winnipeg tackle shop. Uncut Angling got there sample pack and was quite pleased with bait buttons. My newest wholesaler is Mike Dotoli from 2 River Boat Works based in Winnipeg to look after clients in southern Manitoba. Mike And Val have already done well there. I receive inquires as far away as Ontario. I spent some time doing my trout C & R at pothole lakes near Edmonton. The fall has been quite warm here until the first week in Movember. Ice will be late going in this year. Happy Fish Hunting!

September 2013 to June 2014

This past year has been quite busy with Big Game Bait Buttons have finally arrived in Canada.The sturgeon fishermen have been asking me about the new one. The disc is bigger can be used on hooks up to size 10. When I took them ice fishing I found the bigger one holds the frozen minnow better than the smaller bait buttons in the green dispenser. This year I also made video of the demon flies in action in a tank. This fly can also be used for ice fishin as well. Hooks have a small propeller that spins when trolled or jigged. Angela Das shows this hands on demonstration. The ice fishing conditions in Alberta have gone from bad to better with high snow accumulations early in the year.Now in March the conditions have turned around with fisherman putting extensions on there augers. David Shmyr took me ice fishing in northern Alberta and put me on some jumbo perch that I have been searching for years. He is the guide for Koobies Krankers based in Rycroft, Alberta. He also pro-staffs for my business and he also likes to do ultraLight fishing as well. During the summer months he is at the walleye tournaments in western Canada. Check web site www.walleyetrail.ca for updates and schedule. Ron Fibke is the president. He also organizes the Angler Young Angler (A.Y.A) fishing tournament for people who want to fish with there kids. Fun tournament for kids and volunteer staff makes sure every child has a prize. This year the tournament is at Rock Island Lake located north of Calling Lake, Alberta, Canada. Registrar early for the event. The event also has breakfast and barbecue.

March 2013 to September 2013

This spring has been quite busy for me. The Fishin'Hole Canada invited me to the Edmonton sportsman show. The "Bait Button Girls" slayed with sales of bait buttons and demon flies. Angela Das stood out because she likes to think outside of the box when marketing ideas.. I asked her to come up for the Angular Young Angular Walleye Tournament located at Calling Lake, alberta. David Shmyr took her out in his boat for afternoon of walleye fishing. She had a blast and caught some good size walleye. I have been working on Big Game Bait Buttons with Bill in the California, USA. The bigger button will help hold bait on a barbless hook up to 10/0. The sturgeon and catfish will fisherman will really like the new dispenser. It carries 25 buttons. They both will sell for the price as the other one. Manitoba fisherman are eager to get this new product. I have expanded my pro-staff with the edition of David Shmyr. He is deadly walleye fisherman. Ron Fibke won the Moose Lake Walleye Tournament for 2013. His fishing rig was a small hook loaded with a leech held in place with a bait button. Congratulations to Ron and Mark.

November 2012 to March 2013

The changes over the past few months has been huge. Bait Buttons is very well received by the public and the wholesaler's as well. The increase in business is good. The Western Canadian Walleye Trail has been quite helpful. The president Ron Fibke has helped me work with the tournament fisherman and this is new territory for me. I have hired a new marketing assistant to help do demonstrations to fisherman. Angie at "Vintage Reprise", has been doing all of my media so I can concentrate on sales. The ice conditions have been quite strange due to an early snow fall. Dave and I went fishing in the northern Alberta and found the ice was quite a bit thinner. This time of year I find the ice is around 18 inches thick but was only 12 inches thick. Augering test holes has proved to be a good safety check. There is lots of water coming up through the holes.I have added some new Demon flies to my web site that will work good for catching Northern Pike and walleye. I now offer bright green, pink, yellow and orange. These flies can also be used for ice fishing. A quick jig will make the propeller turn. This year I am booking some trade shows to help promote Bait Buttons and fishing tackle. The Fishin' Hole has opened up a new store in the west end of Edmonton on 170 street. Samantha and I did a promotion for Bait Buttons and we ran out and I had to bring more in to sell right away. The grand opening is a huge success for my tackle business.

September 2012 to October 2012

This year I went to the Golden Walleye Classic on Slave Lake, Alberta Canada. The walleye fishermen are a special breed. There fishin boats are the best money can buy. Ron and Mark took me for a quick fish in his boat but they are quite use to pounding the rough water. I was more than happy to return to shore after catching one walleye. Shaw's point resort is a fishermen's paradise and have nice facilities for all of the family. Bait Buttons of the USA has opened up new business ventures for me. Bill and I continue to get more accounts. I also spent time promoting Bait buttons at the Vanity Cup on Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan. This tournament has 160 boats with 320 eager walleye fishermen. Weather very warm for this time of year and I wish good luck to the fishermen. Should be a fun filled weekend.

July 2012 to August 2012

This past summer has been quite busy for me. I was able to secure western Canada for selling Bait Buttons as a distributor. Duane and Jared from the walleye tournament guys had suggested that I pursue the Bait Buttons. It turns out that I am the only Canadian distributor for these devices. After receiving the it I spent time doing demos for fishermen and some tackle shops. They all agreed this is the answer to prevent bait falling off a hook. The inventor is Bill Shcmuck out of the U.S.A and he is a dentist and the button is used in root canals. Bill has a passion for fishing like myself. He has been up in the Alaska testing the new bait button that dispenses the larger button. This years fishing has been really good but warm weather has plagued the lakes with algae and there toxins. The large amount of rain in July has cause flooding in the mountains with the high snow fall they had last winter. The mighty NSR has produced some big fish. I was able to spend time with Jay and watch him catch, tag and then release the fish. I do think it is odd that the volunteer angler's are allowed to use two rods. The video continues to amaze people how I catch rainbows. Even after all these years I still get quite excited catching hog fish. I am also looking forward to this years hunt of pink October.

April 2012 to June 30 2012

The ice has come off late this year due to a cool spring. This is the time of year to get your open water gear out and due some spring clean up and re-organize the tackle. This year I decided to do professional video up at Dolberg Lake near Barrhead, Alberta, Canada. A pre-scout a few days ago proved to be quite lucky finding the spawning beds at the lake. The fish are so close it is scary. I give Dave the pro-hunter credit for taking a walk around the lake to check other spots. I hired Vintage-Reprise to do the shoot and were very organized and new what to do and what I should say. The video show me catching two large male rainbows. I am so excited I cannot wait for the video to be published. The video is also a how to ultra light fish using my tackle and methods. Angie did a super job. This year I have finally launched my new tackle line of demon flies that have propellers that rotate in the water and are designed for trolling only. Get out there early to catch those spring rainbows before the stocking of new fish is done.

December 2011 to March 2012

Lets gets busy and get prepared to go ice fishing. This year the ice has been going in a little slower due to a warm December. I now spend the winter getting ready for spring and summer of 2012. I have also added another product to my tackle. Floating White Eggs proved to be a very good bait to use for bottom fishing. I did test the this new product to make sure it gives up some trout. The sales for this item were quite good. The summer has shown lakes like Dolberg that they can survive from winter kill. Heritage Lake located next to Mornville was a lake that had winter killed but late fall and early winter has produced trout over 2 pounds. The natural cycle of lakes dieing due to lack of oxygen can make the fishing better. Dave the pro-hunter bagged himself an elk. The flavour of the meat is like moose and was cooked in olive oil and montreal steak spice. Sales at Locol Grocery in Smith are slow but I am sure that it will take off. Sadly I was informed that my little four legged fishin buddy Skruff has cancer and only have a few months to live. He went on a lot of my long road fishing trips and was a joy to have around. This year the ice conditions are really good and easily to drive on. The warm weather has also created ice conditions that are dangerous to drive on. Lots of photos on the fishing forum sites with vehicles through a ice or partly through the ice. Drilling a test hole is the best way to check conditions for the moment. The Sportsman forum has provided good photos to write stories for my birdie web site for St. Albert. The internet newspapers are now starting to get popular.

September 2011 to November 2011

The end of summer has now begun. My thoughts turn to fishing for the bigger Rainbows on the move in shallow water. The waters sure did warm up in August causing many lakes in and around Edmonton to have algae and blue algae. The blue algae being quite toxic to humans and animals. Numerous lakes did have warnings to stay away. The also means no swimming. The fishing started to slow down in the mid august. The North Saskatchewan River has finally started to run clean after all of the rain in july. Reports of Sturgeon are starting to bite well in the deeper holes of the river. The Alberta Sportsman Forum has started to run my ad for a reasonable rate for six months. The information on this site seems to be managed in a fairway. Forums can be a good tool to do a quick search of your favorite lake. Fishing reports are usually some what accurate but sometimes fisherman will hold back some information. Google is a excellent search engine as well. Just remember to place forward slash or plus sign (+) between your words to focus the search> This will help you reach your goal sooner. I do look forward to see the photos of fall hunting. Praire Chickens open up on September the 1. I have never tasted one but Dave the wally pro says they taste really good.